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Oman is a country where gambling is strictly prohibited and even a punishable offense by law. The government actively enforces the laws against gambling, so there are no land-based casinos or gambling outlets. These laws even apply to online gambling, so you won’t find any sports betting operators based within Oman itself. But it’s not possible to prosecute operators from other countries if they accept Omani players, so the only option for people of Oman to indulge in some fun and the casual gamble is by playing at foreign-based online sportsbooks, like bet365 Oman.

Still, if you’re looking for good betting sites that allow customers from Oman, you can’t just go about joining any sportsbook you come across. You need to review the operator carefully and make sure it’s safe and has obtained proper licensing. The good thing is that you don’t need to look further for that, as the renowned gambling operator bet365 Oman comes across as one of the best sports betting sites in Oman.

In this review, we will guide you through all the features of the bet365 Oman sportsbook, as you should know about the platform before you join. So let’s get started!

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About bet365 Oman

bet365 doesn’t need much introduction as it’s a highly reputed gambling site in multiple countries across the globe. Those who are even a little familiar with online sports betting must have probably heard of bet365. But for those of you just stepping into the world of sports betting, know that bet365 Oman is one of the oldest operators that started back in 2000, which was a time when the online gambling industry itself was in its nascent stages. You could say that it’s almost as old as the online gambling industry itself.

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bet365 Oman is also a sportsbook that accepts players from many countries, much more than their closest competitors. And the fact that they have maintained a high reputation for two decades means that they offer excellent betting services, smooth payments, and tight security on their platform. If that’s not enough to convince you what this is the best betting site for Oman, then let’s go through their key features in a bit more detail.

bet365 Oman Sportsbook Key Features

As a top-rated betting platform, bet365 has a lot of amazing features, so we can’t cover each and everything in this review. You can catch up on most features on your own as you play on their site, but we’d like to bring your attention to the most standout features on their sportsbook.

A Complete Betting Market

The betting market at bet365 can be best described as ‘complete’ because you won’t feel like anything is lacking. They have a long list of sports available for betting and multiple events and options under each sport. You could probably end up spending some time just browsing through all the sports and matches that are there to bet on their site. So fans of all types of sports can find their favorite teams and tournaments on bet365.

Excellent Football Betting Options at bet365 Oman

Football is the biggest sport in Oman and enjoys the highest viewership and popularity among Omanis. So it’s natural that it also attracts the most number of bettors and punters in the country. And bet365 offers an excellent market for football betting with the best odds and a lot of betting options.

Some of the top league football matches have more than 50 selections that you can bet on – from something as simple as the final outcome of the match to more detailed selections such as goals, corners, cards, etc. for either side as well as for each individual player.

What’s great about having such diverse and in-depth betting options is that both new and seasoned bettors can wager according to their taste. Novice bettors can just go with outright bets, while experienced players can use their sporting and betting knowledge to put together more detailed wagers.

Bet Builder

Bet builder is a super helpful feature at bet365 Oman. Normally, if you want to wager on more than one selection for a particular match, you’ll have to make a separate bet for each. The more selections you want to bet on, the more annoying it can get to make wagers for each bet one after another. And then you need to track each bet as well till they get settled.

bet365 brings an innovative solution to this problem with the bet builder feature. It allows you to add multiple selections to your bet slip and combine them into a single bet. You can bet on a number of different events for a match with just a single wager. And if all your predictions are correct, your winnings will also be much higher than what you’d get from individual bets.

This is a must-try feature on the platform.

Acca Bets

When you understand how the bet builder works, it should be easy to comprehend accumulators or acca bets too, as they are somewhat similar features. The only difference is that instead of merging different selections for a single match, the accumulator feature combines selections for different matches all together into one bet.

For example, let’s say it’s the UCL quarterfinals week, and you want to bet on three different matches – Bayern vs. PSG, Man City vs. Chelsea, and Real Madrid vs. Liverpool. Using the accumulator feature, you can add your selection for all three of these matches to the bet slip, and it will be combined into a single wager. Pretty useful for bettors who like to put a wager on many different matches at the same time.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is not a new feature for betting sites these days, and you can actually find it on many platforms. But we still need to highlight this feature as it’s really such a convenience to be able to watch your favorite matches from the betting platform itself. Many famous and big-league matches are available for live streaming at bet365, and that too for no additional charges. The only condition to access live stream is that either you must have a funded account with some cash balance, or you must have made at least one deposit within the past few days.

Like we said earlier, there are more cool features at bet365 Oman, such as live betting, cash out, alerts and notifications. We leave it up to you to explore those features on your own, but the ones we mentioned above are the most notable and impressive features of the bet365 sportsbook.

bet365 Online Casino

Their main focus may be on the sports betting market, but bet365 Oman also offers an online casino section for their players, which is as good as their sportsbook section. They have a large collection of exciting casino games ranging from slots and jackpots to all popular table and card games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. These games are also available on the live casino section, where you can play in a live setting with a real human dealer, brought to your screens in real-time through video.

You’ll be seated at home but feel like you’re playing in an actual land-based casino. The dealers are also friendly and interactive, and they will indulge in some casual conversation with players during the game to keep the atmosphere lively. The live casino at bet365 is highly immersive and loads of fun to play.

Customer Service at bet365 Oman

The quality of customer support is a crucial aspect of any sportsbook platform. You’re wagering with your real money, and you’ll also be making withdrawals from time to time, so it’s possible that you might face some issues with the transactions. At such times, you’ll obviously be expecting support from the staff to resolve the matter. Even other problems like issues related to your account, logging in, and personal info will require assistance from customer support.

bet365 Oman takes these things very seriously and wants its customers to have a smooth and pleasant experience at all times. Its support staff is very polite and helpful, and they will patiently guide you through any issues you may be facing. Plus, it’s straightforward to contact them through live chat, where they respond promptly. Safe to say that bet365 Oman offers a high level of customer service and has been doing so for many years.

Final Verdict on bet365 Oman

Despite the strict anti-gambling laws in Oman, it’s possible to safely bet on online gambling platforms as long as it’s a secure and licensed site. bet365 fits this requirement perfectly, so it’s an excellent betting site for Omani players. You’re now aware of their best features, and they also provide a wide range of payment methods and solid 24/7 customer support. Considering all these factors, bet365 is definitely one of the best online sports betting platforms for players in Oman, and we recommend that you should register and experience it for yourselves.

bet365 Oman FAQs

Yes, you'll find a great selection of online casino games at bet365 Oman.

While there is no number specifically for players in Oman, you can always call their international customer service on this number: +44 1782 684 651.

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