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Are you looking for top betting sites in the Maldives? Since all forms of gambling are deemed illegal in the country, you need to be careful about the platform you bet on. Even though gambling is prohibited in the Maldives, there isn’t much regulation regarding online forms of gambling. Many people from the Maldives enjoy online sports betting, and many betting sites accept players from the country as well.

When looking for a good sports betting site in the Maldives, the most important thing is choosing a secure and licensed platform. And in that regard, bet365 Maldives is one of the best choices as it’s a highly reputed betting site worldwide. You’d probably want to know what features and services are available at bet365 before you go ahead and register.

So, we’ll give you a full review of their sports betting platform and tell you exactly why it’s an excellent site for sports betting in the Maldives.

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About bet365 Maldives (bet365 ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ)

bet365 has been in the gambling industry since 2000, so you’re looking at a gambling platform that has been around for more than two decades. With that many years of experience in the online gambling industry, it’s only expected that they offer the best features and a wholesome betting experience. And of course, given their solid reputation, their platform is highly secure, along with top-notch customer service.

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The Maldives already has a great sporting atmosphere, and many people in the country are big fans of various sports. But as land-based gambling is illegal in the country, online sports betting is the only way for the bettors in the Maldives to wager on their favorite sports. And for that, a popular and well-established gambling site like bet365 Maldives is clearly an excellent choice.

bet365 Maldives (bet365  ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ) Sportsbook Review

The sportsbook at bet365 Maldives is massive when it comes to the sheer amount of sports and matches you can bet on. More than 35 different types of sports are available for betting. Some of them are highly popular worldwide, such as football, basketball, and cricket. In contrast, a few sports are only watched and followed in specific regions.

In the Maldives, the craze for football is very high, and it’s the most viewed and celebrated sport. And the good thing is that bet365 has one of the best and most diverse markets for football betting with a lot of cool features, betting options, and excellent odds. Now let’s have a more in-depth look at those features which you’ll find at bet365 Maldives sportsbook.

Top Features of bet365 Maldives Sportsbook

There are a lot of features at bet365 Maldives which you would probably have to explore for yourself, but here are the best and most notable features that you should know beforehand.

Extensive Market for Football

We already talked about how football is the biggest and most popular sport in the Maldives.

And bet365 has a huge and extensive market for football. From big leagues and tournaments like UCL and Premier League to smaller local leagues from various countries, you can find just about all major football matches on bet365. The odds are also competitive, and they even offer enhanced odds for selective matches, which is perfect for bettors looking for a chance to get bigger winnings.

Bet Builder and Acca Bets

Bet builder and Accumulator (or Acca bets) are two unique features at bet365 Maldives. Bet builder allows you to combine more than one selection for a particular match and merge them to make a single bet. For example, for a football match, you can add selections for the final outcome, the first team to score, and total goals scored by both sides, and the bet builder will combine all three of these into a single bet.

Accumulators are somewhat similar to bet builders. While bet builders merge different selections for a single match, Acca bets merge different matches into a single bet. Let’s say it’s the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals week, and there are four different matches being played within two days. You can wager on the outcome of all four games with a single bet by combining them using the accumulator feature.

Both Acca bets and bet builder are convenient features that let you bet on more selections and events with a single wager. And your rewards will also be higher when you win such bets.

Live Streaming

Seasoned bettors should be well aware that many top betting sites have live stream features. And that’s the case for bet365 Maldives as well. The live stream option is only available for selected matches, and you can find it by looking for the small play button on the match details.

You can watch your favorite matches in high-quality live streams, enjoying every bit of the action in real-time. So bet365 will serve not just as a gambling platform but also as a sports streaming service.

In-play Bets with Match Live

In-play betting and match live are two different but connected features at bet365 Maldives. Unless you’re completely new to sports betting, you must know what in-play or live betting is and how it works. It’s a very cool feature that lets you place bets while the match is being played.

Not all matches are available for live betting, and you can see which ones are available in the In-play section at bet365. Live betting is quite a hit among many bettors because it’s an entirely different experience when you’re wagering on various selections while the match is going on.

When you go to the in-play section and start live betting on any match, you will also see a simple 2D animation of the match on the right side of the screen. It shows all the happenings on the match in real-time, so that even if you can’t watch the match live, you still don’t have to miss out on any of the action

bet365 Maldives Online Casino

Even though their main focus is on sports betting, bet365 also has an excellent online casino section that can give tough competition to any standalone casino site. It’s got hundreds of slots, some big jackpots, and a whole bunch of popular table and card games. And if playing on your own is not enjoyable for you, there’s an excellent live casino section with a huge variety of games, all hosted by professional live dealers.

In terms of variety, bet365 casino has a lot to offer, and their list of slot games seems to go on and on, so you have too many options to choose from. Poker fans can also rejoice as bet365 has quite a few poker tables where you can put your luck and your wits to the test. In the live casino, roulette and blackjack are the two games which you’ll find most, but there are many other games like Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Baccarat. All these games are provided by top gaming companies like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, etc. Powered by advanced software, these games run very smoothly, so you can enjoy a seamless casino gaming experience at bet365 Maldives.

Mobile Gaming at bet365 Maldives

As one of the biggest gambling operators, bet365 also has its own mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The app resembles the design of bet365’s desktop site, but the interface is somewhat changed to suit mobile screens. You’re surely going to love the bet365 experience even more with its app.

To start with, the performance is very smooth, so you are not interrupted by bugs and glitches of any sort. The categorization of different sections and placement of menus is just perfect as everything is accessible at your fingertips.

Perhaps the best thing about betting on the bet365 app is that you also get notifications and updates for all important events. Whether it’s an upcoming match that you want to bet on, updates about your favorite team or a match that you wagered on has been settled, you can get instant notifications for it all on your phone. So even when you’re not spending time on the app, you will never miss out on any of the important stuff.

bet365 Maldives Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the strongest aspects of bet365. They have a dynamic team of customer support staff available 24/7 to help you with anything. From account and login problems to issues regarding payments and transactions, the representatives at bet365 are there for all your queries and grievances.

You can reach out to them through the live chat feature, and they are often swift to respond, so you’ll have someone assisting you in a few minutes at most. The behavior and attitude of the staff are also very professional and polite, which is something that can really leave a lasting impression on you.

Final Verdict for bet365 Maldives

By now, you are well aware of most of the features and services at bet365 Maldives. It’s a gambling platform that entered the industry early on and has been functioning for more than 20 years.

With extensive coverage of various sports betting markets and a casino section with countless entertaining games, bet365 lives up to its reputation as one of the best gambling sites around the world and in the Maldives. And other aspects like the customer service and the impressive Bet365 app make things even better. So taking all these factors into account, we recommend you register and start playing at bet365.

bet365 Maldives FAQs

Yes, there is a bet365 mobile app for bet365 Maldives too, and it works for both iOS and Android.

You can reach bet365 customer service on the international number: +44 1782 684 651.

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