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Thailand has always been a vibrant and lively nation with many excellent forms of recreation. But when it comes to gambling, there are specific laws and regulations around it. The government of Thailand allows horse racing and some lotteries, but other forms of gambling such as sports betting and online casinos are prohibited.

But that doesn’t mean that there is no way to participate in sports betting for the people of Thailand. The country doesn’t have clear regulations against online forms of gambling, which means you can safely place bets in an online sportsbook as long as it is licensed by the proper authorities. Many good sports betting sites accept customers from Thailand, but one of the most well-known sportsbooks is bet365 Thailand.

It’s a trendy betting platform, so many of you might have already heard about it. So what makes bet365 special, and what can you expect as a customer on their site? You must know the answer to these questions before you register and start betting on their platform.

That is why we’ve put up this review to tell you all about bet365 and the type of betting market they have, along with their top features and aspects such as customer service and payment methods. Read on till the end to find out why bet365 is an excellent sports betting site for Thailand.

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About bet365 Thailand

bet365 was founded in 2000, and over two decades, they have built a strong reputation in the online gambling industry. Year after year, they’ve continued to expand their sportsbook to include as many sporting events as possible while also improving other features like security and customer service.

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There’s no doubt that bet365 is operated by a team of experienced professionals in the gambling industry, while their site and services are backed by technical experts to create a well-rounded, safe, and most importantly, highly enjoyable betting platform. That’s why they are so popular in numerous countries, and the same can be said for Thailand as well.

bet365 Thailand Sportsbook Review

bet365 sportsbook is huge and covers a lot of matches from more than 30 different types of sports, and this goes for bet365 Thailand as well. We’ll break down different aspects of the sportsbook and also highlight the best features so you’ll have a good idea of what the platform is like before you even register.

The people of Thailand share an immense love for different types of sports. As in most countries, football is one of the most popular sports in Thailand as well. But that’s not all, as Thai people love to enjoy a wide variety of sports. So let’s check out various sports that are highly popular in Thailand and the type of market that bet365 offers.


Many Thai people are diehard fans of football, especially the English Premier League. And the betting market for football at bet365 is massive, covering every single match from leagues around the world. EPL and other big leagues are obviously available at a reputed betting site like Bet365, but what’s more impressive is that they even cover matches from the country’s very own Thai League and national league cup matches of nearby Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.


Golf is another highly followed sport in the country, to the point where Thailand is often referred to as the Golf Capital of Asia. There are many golf courses in the country, with even some PGA events held there occasionally. And here, too, you’ll find all the top golf tournaments available to bet on bet365, such as US Open and US Masters, PGA and Open Championships, and more.

Martial Arts

Different types of martial arts such as boxing and Muay Thai are widespread in Thailand. If you love such action-packed sports, you’ll have fun betting on various Boxing, and UFC matches on bet365. There are multiple betting options such as outright winner, method of victory (knockout/points), total rounds, etc.

Other Sports

Volleyball, tennis, and badminton are other major sports that also get large amounts of viewership in Thailand, and all three of these sports have excellent betting markets at bet365 that cover matches from competitions and tournaments across the world.

Key Features of bet365 Sportsbook

Now that you are familiar with the market for different sports at bet365, let’s see what types of betting features the platform offers. Here are the best and most highlighted features of bet365 Thailand.

In-Play Bets

In-play bets are nothing new for experienced bettors, and most sportsbooks have this feature. But that doesn’t make it any less exciting, and many people find it much more enjoyable and rewarding than pre-match bets. For those who are new to betting and unaware, in-play or live betting is a special type of betting where you can place wagers on a match while it’s being played.

So you can view the match live, see how things are going and make better predictions. Bets on certain selections are also settled instantly. For example, if you bet on the first player to score, then that bet will be settled as soon as the first goal is scored, whenever that may be during the match.

Bet Builder and Accumulator

Both bet builder and accumulator are features designed to make it easier for bettors to wager on multiple selections and matches at once. It saves the hassle of having to bet separately for each selection.

Bet builder lets you choose more than one selection for a specific match and combine them into one bet with a single wager. Accumulator, also called acca bets, let you bet on multiple different matches by combining them into a single bet. Both of them serve the same purpose, allowing you to bet on either different selections or different matches altogether but with just one wager, which is super convenient.

Edit Bet

It’s common for bettors to place a certain wager and then realize that they want to make some changes to their selection. And the Edit Bet feature is made for such people – as the name suggests, it allows you to change details of your bet, such as the amount and selection, right from your bet slip. Do keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit some pre-match bets after the match has already started and is being played.

Enhanced Odds

bet365 offers special enhanced odds for selective matches, which is often higher than the standard market odds. The enhanced odds are not available every time for every match, but when they are available, it will be the perfect opportunity to try and bag bigger winnings. So stay on the lookout for enhanced odds on your favorite matches and grab the chance whenever you find them.

Payment Options at bet365 Thailand

When you’re dealing with your hard-earned money and casino winnings, it’s important to check the payment methods in advance. The first good news is that Bet365 supports Thai Baht currency, so you won’t be bothered by currency conversion rates and extra charges. Now here are the various payment options for Thai players on bet365 Thailand:

Visa and MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards

Withdrawals Available: Yes

Minimum deposit/withdrawal: ฿200

Maximum deposit/withdrawal: ฿800,000

Process Time: Instant for deposits,1 to 5 business days for withdrawals.

Bank Wire

Withdrawals Available: Yes

Minimum deposit: ฿2,250; Minimum Withdrawal:฿2,000

Maximum deposit/withdrawal: ฿2,000,000

Process Time: 2 to 10 business days for both deposits and withdrawals.


Withdrawals Available: Yes

Minimum deposit/withdrawal: ฿250

Maximum deposit/withdrawal: ฿1,300,000

Process Time: Instant for deposits. Up to 24 hours for withdrawals.

Skrill 1-tap

Withdrawals Available: No

Minimum deposit: ฿250

Maximum deposit: ฿400,000

Process Time: Instant

Customer Service at bet365 Thailand

bet365 is well known for its high level of customer service, and it’s also somewhat obvious that they wouldn’t have such an excellent reputation in the gambling industry if their customer support was not up to the mark. You can reach out to the support staff at bet365 Thailand through the live chat feature on their site, and most of the time, they are very quick to respond.

Not just that, but the staff is also very friendly while still maintaining an air of professionalism. But the most important thing is that they are experts at solving customer issues and problems, and even if they can’t fix your issue right away, they will guide you to the proper channels. It’s great to know that you are always backed by excellent customer service always there to help you with any problems on the platform.

bet365 Thailand Mobile Gaming

If you’re the type that enjoys playing on mobile devices rather than computers, you’ll be glad to know that bet365 Thailand has amazing betting apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Install the app on your phone or tablet and enjoy all features that you would get on their main desktop site. Plus, you can play more flexibly with mobile devices no matter where you are, and you get regular push notifications, so you don’t miss out on your winnings, settled bets, and other important events. Don’t want to install the app? You can still enjoy bet365 Thailand on your phone by playing on their mobile site which is optimized for phone browsers. Both these options are there to make your bet365 experience more comfortable.

Our Verdict on bet365 Thailand

Let’s recap what we’ve reviewed so far.

  • bet365 Thailand has amazing betting markets for those sports which are most popular in Thailand.
  • They also support Thai Baht currency in their sportsbook.
  • There are excellent features such as in-play bets, bet builder, acca bets, accumulators, and much more.
  • Various secure payment methods are available for Thai players on bet365.
  • The customer service is active, cooperative, and dedicated to assisting all players.
  • You can play on mobile with either the bet365 betting app or on the mobile version of their site.

We don’t really need to say much here, as these key points clearly speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a licensed, reputed, and secure online betting platform in Thailand that offers lots of betting options, excellent odds, and a fantastic user experience in general, bet365 Thailand is one of the best sports betting sites you can go for.

bet365 Thailand FAQs

Yes, you can reach bet365 Thailand of all times through their live chat.

Yes, among a lot of other football leagues, it is possible to bet on the English Premier League at bet365 Thailand.

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