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Jordan is an Arab country located in Western Asia and bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This is an Islamic country which means that it is governed by Sharia law. Unfortunately, according to Islamic Sharia law, all forms of gambling are illegal. This is why you are not going to find any land-based casinos in Jordan.

But what about online gambling? Like other countries across the world, legalities regarding online gambling are a grey area even in Jordan. While there are no online casinos based out of this country, several people engage in their love for gambling through global online casinos accepting Jordan players. bet365 Jordan is one of these online casinos that is popular amongst players from Jordan.

What are some of the main features and services that bet365 offers for the people of Jordan? We break down everything that you need to know in this article.

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About bet365 Jordan

Online gambling has really taken flight in recent times, with several sportsbooks cropping up here and there every year. However, bet365 is one of the original players in the industry. This sports betting operator has been functioning in the online gambling industry ever since 2000.

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As such, bet365 has more than two decades of experience in the online gambling industry. This is why this bookie has emerged as one of the leading sportsbooks in the world that accepts players from various countries. With excellent services and some of the best betting features and options in the industry, it is only natural that bet365 is one of the most popular bookmakers in Jordan as well.

The platform also offers excellent customer support in multiple languages and top-notch security measures to protect the customers' personal details. This is extremely important, especially in countries like Jordan, where gambling has been made illegal. These are some of the reasons why new players from the country opt for bet365 as their chosen sports betting operator.

bet365 Jordan Sportsbook Overview

The citizens of Jordan are huge fans of the sport. The most popular sport is football, which is not surprising when it comes to countries from the Middle East. Jordan also has a national football team which has increased the popularity of football in the country. The National Football League is extremely popular with the young population, with several youth leagues being played across the country.

The second most popular sport in the country is basketball which is closely followed by rugby. When it comes to other team sports, volleyball and handball are popular as well. Some of the individual sports that people follow include boxing, taekwondo, and swimming. Fortunately, the sportsbook at bet365 is so vast and diverse that it offers thousands of markets for all of the different sports that we have just mentioned. These markets are easily accessible on the website, where punters from Jordan will find more than 30 different sports to bet on.

Diverse Betting Markets

bet365 is one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. As such, this online bookmaker contains a diverse range of markets for different sports. For instance, bet365 has more than 1000 different markets for football alone.

On the official website, you will find hundreds of different matches from various regions across the world. As such, players from Jordan will bet on local football leagues and international tournaments such as the English Premier League, FIFA, Bundesliga, and La Liga.

The same holds for basketball, handball, and volleyball as well. Each of these sports and their respective betting markets can be found on the website, along with their odds and various betting options. Players from across the world have noted that bet365 offers excellent odds that are highly competent in almost each of their betting markets.

Now, let's explore some of the key features and betting options available at bet365 for players from Jordan.

Bet Builder

This is an excellent betting feature offered by bet365 for football, basketball, tennis, and other popular sports. With this feature, you can combine various selections within a single match and place them as a single bet under one wager. This eliminates the need for you to place individual bets for each selection that you make.


This feature is quite similar to the Bet Builder option. While the Bet Builder can be used only for a single match, the accumulator option allows you to combine different selections from entirely different matches. Again, this increases the convenience of the players as it eliminates the need to place individual bets every single time.

Not only this, but correct predictions that are made with the accumulators (as well as the Bet Builder option) turn out to be highly lucrative in the long run.

In-Play Betting

bet365 was a pioneer in providing the feature of in-play betting to users. With this feature, punters can place their bets even after a game has begun. This allows players to make more accurate predictions as the game unfolds and thereby rake in more profits.

Cash Out

This is an excellent feature for players to minimize their losses. Here, punters can choose to withdraw their bets earlier, i.e., even before a game has ended. Players can also choose to remove a part of their stake from the running and let the rest of the stake run its course for the entire match. This allows punters to cut down on their losses on the platform significantly.

Live Streaming

bet365 offers live streaming features for the different games and matches that players bet on. This feature is provided to users at no additional cost. All that is required for you to access this feature is to have some money in your bet365 account or have betted on the platform in the last 24 hours.

Edit Bet

This is yet another handy feature that bet365 offers for players to minimize their losses. This feature allows punters to make changes to their bets in the middle of the game.

bet365 Jordan Online Casino

Not a lot of people turn towards bet365 for playing online casino games. After all, the specialty of this platform lies in sports betting. However, bet365 Jordan has a pretty sweet online casino for players who wish to take a break from sports betting. You will find a diverse collection of slot games, table games, and other popular online casino games on this platform.

If you are looking for a more immersive casino experience, you can also head over to the live casino at bet365 Jordan. The live casino hosts a number of popular titles such as Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack that are handled by live croupiers on the platform.

bet365 Jordan Mobile

bet365 is not just a pioneer in the online gambling industry but also in mobile gambling as well. This sports betting operator has completely optimized their website for the mobile browser, which means that you will be able to place all of your bets on the go from anywhere, anytime.

Not only this, but bet365 has also developed download apps for both Android and iOS. These apps are super smooth and sleek, and they offer the same kind of functionality that you will see on the website. The interface is perfectly user-friendly, which makes it ideal for new players and beginners.

Customer Support at bet365 Jordan

bet365 has enjoyed a highly trustworthy reputation amongst players across the years. One of the major reasons behind this is the solid customer support that they offer to their users. This sports betting operator not only has a 24/7 live chat feature, but it also offers email and phone support as well. Support is available in multiple languages, which is the reason why bet365 is so popular even in countries that do not speak English. Customer service representatives are super responsive and helpful and can professionally resolve all sorts of queries that players might have.

Final Review On bet365 Jordan

bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world that accept players from across the globe. This bookie is therefore extremely popular amongst the players of Jordan as well. Firstly, bet365 provides players with incredible coverage of all of the popular sports in Jordan.
Secondly, this bookmaker has a diverse range of betting markets for players to indulge in whatever league, competition, or tournament they wish to.

Of course, the betting features and options offered at bet365, including the Bet Builder option and live streaming features, are also commendable.

The 24/7 customer support is excellent in resolving common queries, while the mobile app is completely optimized to allow sports betting on the go. It's no wonder therefore that bet365 comes highly recommended for new players in Jordan.

bet365 Jordan FAQs

Yes you can download the bet365 mobile app for free and for both iOS and Android.

Yes, bet365 offers a 24/7 open live chat with professional staff who will help you with your issues.

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